A custom advertising jingle or “sonic logo” from Dadio keeps selling long after it is heard! 

It has been proven that music connects and is retained by the brain in a far more effective way that just a standard commercial.  In short it is a clever mechanism that delivers your advertising message that becomes “anchored” in recall.

It is one thing to get into a potential customers “ear” but quite another to get into their brain.  A well written and produced jingle from Dadio sustains message retention meaning you get far more bang for your advertising buck.

Radio is still one of the most cost effective mediums out there for reach and frequency and when combined with audio imaging, brand building is significantly improved due to the repetitive nature of music as it carrries and reinforces your message.  This connects with listeners on an emotional level and after all people do buy on emotion right?

Listen to samples and understand our creative process a bit more…

P.S.  Don’t limit your jingle to on-air only.  Drive message and branding on-hold and on-line as well.