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At Dadio, we believe that every business has unique “brand personality” that can be captured and put to music.  It is much more than just a clever radio jingle though.  It has to be the right music with the right message, easier said than done.

Creative audio imaging goes way beyond just a catchy tune and some words that rhyme.  The words have to reflect and showcase what is truly unique and special about your business.  What makes you different, better, or both?  The music style has to reflect who you are as well along with what resonates with your customers.  The process does not have to be long and drawn out – we ask the right questions to get the right result.  30 years of experience helps…

Besides Hit Radio Jingles, we offer other services such as media and sales consulting, copywriting,  and other forms of radio station imaging such as voice work, show theme songs and even song parodies that help add sizzle to morning shows and get listeners talking.

At Dadio our goal and mission is to provide top notch writing and production with the most affordable pricing in the radio industry.  We do not expect you to fill out a form for a mail order jingle package.  We take our work seriously but also have a lot of fun in the process because creativity should also be fun. Listen to our work and you’ll hear what we mean!

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